Engr. Shahid Mahmood Managing Director

The modern era has tremendously influenced the demands & preferences of the general people; as a result their demands are constantly evolving & changing. We continue to make great strides towards meeting our strategic goals and objectives in the pursuit of adding value to our services and markets. For me the dream is always the distant reality, it is this belief that I have decided to start Design Tech Engineering Solutions, a structural design, supervision, visual structural inspection, code compliance, gap analysis company in which clients’ needs and solutions will be the major focus. In my experience, I have achieved many milestones and I always consider that once a mile-stone is achieved, there is always another to come. I have served previously several multinational companies in UAE as Lead Structure Design Engineer. We are well aware of the Industry requirements and will ensure to cover all aspects in my new venture which will be beneficial for the Industrial growth. The journey is never-ending; however, with the support of our valued clients and team members, I am positive that Design Tech will continue to achieve milestones of excellence in the years to come and will soon be a leading Structural Design, Supervision & inspection company of Pakistan. Our progress is also driven by our commitment to sharing knowledge and always defining and redefining the best industry practices. We capture our innovation on a given project and then reapply it in new sectors and contexts. We manage our sector expansion with care, ensuring that we accept commissions only when we have the skills and people in place to deliver the level of Design Tech service that our clients have come to expect. We seek to further and promote collaboration, integrity and honorable practice. Our final goal is to provide a professional service that is safeguarding our client’s legitimate interests and ambitions efficiently and effectively. ​