Our firm strives to create design that inspires,approaching each project, regardless of size & scale, with an understanding that architecture has a unique power to influence lifestyle and society

Architectural Design

"Time" as a forth dimension

Normally Architecture is considered as an art of planning in three dimensions, but our approach towards Architecture considers “TIME” as a fourth dimension- a concept enables us to plan the projects keeping in view the possible future requirements. An approach is adopted in which planning is undertaken, starting from preparation of a well-defined set of client’s requirements, the derivation of optimum standards and reaching various sets of alternative plans

As Architecture?

Our experience has revealed that the most important aspect in the implementation a plan is coordination between various disciplines as Architecture, Structure, Public health, Electrification and Mechanical. And we manage this by our close coordination and regular inter department meetings

Our Services

  • Preparing of 2D / 3D Industrial / Commercial / Residential Plan / Section / elevations
  • Interior Design / Infrastructures and civil works design
  • Landscaping designs
  • Preparations of Construction Documentation Bidding
  • Feasibility and cost studies
  • Planning and zoning approvals assistance
  • Master planning and programming
  • Schematic and Design Development
  • Renovation of Residential, commercial and historical places
  • Concept Architectural Design
  • Detailed Architectural Design